Map holder LINX

Handy map holder made of CorduraMore

Crampons cover - Cordura

CORDURA crampons coverMore

Elastomer velcro patch

Elastomer velcro patch WISPORTMore


Gekon waist packMore


The utility pouch, can serve as a first aid kit.More

Transport sack 70l.

Transport sack for backpack, luggage of 70l capacity.More

Fiberglass bar (Sparrow 30 II)

Fiberglass bar for Sparrow 30 II backpackMore

First aid kit

First aid kit (without accessories)More


Neck ID wallet with CorduraMore

Transport sack 100l.

Transport sack for backpack, luggage of 100l capacity.More

Aluminium bar (Sparrow 30 II)

Aluminium bar for Sparrow 30 II backpackMore


Handy wallet made of CorduraMore

Backpack cover 15-30l

Backpack cover for 15-30l backpack.More

Velcro patch Wisport

Velcro patch WISPORT Proudly made in PolandMore

Backpack cover 30-40l

Backpack cover for 30-40l backpack.More

Backpack cover 40-50l

Backpack cover for 40-50l backpack.More

Backpack cover 50-60l

Backpack cover for 50-60l backpack.More

Backpack cover 60-75l

Backpack cover for 60-75l backpack.More

Backpack cover 75-90l

Backpack cover for 75-90l backpack.More

Backpack cover 100+

Backpack cover for a backpack with a capacity of over 100l.More

Pocket Raccoon

MOLLE system compatible side pocket. Capacity 9l.More

Pocket Reindeer

Reindeer backpack compatible.More

Pocket Sparrow

Side pocket is compatible with Sparrow, SilverFox and ZipperFOX backpack.More

Carrimat cover

Universal carrimat cover.More




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