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Socks Summer Light

Socks Summer Light

Socks Summer Light

Designed for: Trekking, summer
Fabric: Coolmax-75%, Filactive-13%, Poliamid-10%, Elastan-2%
Size: 35-46
Perfectly designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure comfort during use in the summer and warmer regions. The design takes into account the specificity of trekking boots, place increased pressure on the foot and the place of formation of abrasions. Adapted to the anatomical shape of the left and right foot, hold lining in sensitive areas pullers bands, suitable gain and flat seams around the fingers. Precisely placed ventilation zones and their possible maximum size, allow excellent drainage of water vapor.

1. Wide cuff (rib) with carefully selected flexibility
2. Reinforced heels and toe area
3. Special stitching on the instep to prevent sliding and folding
4. Flat seam around toes
5. The maximum surface areas enabling the issuance of moisture on the outside

Composition: Coolmax-75%, Filactive-13%, Poliamid-10%, Elastan-2%

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